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BEAUTYPRO Under Eye Masks

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the perfect answer to tired, puffy eyes

vegan | cruelty-free | ethically sourced

three pairs

COLLAGEN + GREEN TEA + VITAMIN A & E: collagen, green tea, and Vitamins A and E | revitalize the eyes, moisturize the skin, and rejuvenate cells for a more energized and youthful appearance | natural formula soothes and reduces the appearance of tiredness, leaving the eyes feeling instantly relaxed and soothed | cooling, anti-ageing, and moisturizing

RETINOL + VITAMIN C + ALOE: brightens dark circles, improves the appearance of pigmentation, and smooths the skin’s texture | relaxing and hydrating | serum infused hydrogel patches transform the eye area in just 20 minutes | visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while rejuvenating and energizing the area to give you a youthful glow | retinol increases cell turnover and improves the skin’s tone | Vitamin B5 soothes the skin, helping to reduce puffiness and aloe vera aids moisture retention to plump and smooth 

100% Biodegradable Packaging 🍃
Once opened, Eco pouches begin to biodegrade immediately, taking just 1% of the time compared to traditional plastic - from 500 years down to 5 years with no trace of microplastics in the soil or sea! Environmentally friendly biodegradable material can be home composted.

made in South Korea

Brighton, United Kingdom
eco-friendly | cruelty free | LGBTQ+ owned