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January 2022

We've refreshed our low-waste home area in the Skaneateles boutique and expanded our product offerings!

We offer stylish eco-friendly and economical alternatives that help you keep a "greener" home and make a positive impact on the environment. Small changes can make a big difference! 

Swedish dish cloths replace paper towels and sponges - they're long-lasting and budget-friendly, too! Our solid dish soaps clean effectively and smell fantastic - and for the win, they save water and shipping costs! Air dry hand washable dishes naturally on a bamboo rack that naturally biodegrades when composted at end of life (reducing the plastic in our landfills). Dry your dishes (and sop up big messes) with our cute and generously-sized flour sack tea towels.

Avoid single-use plastic with beeswax wraps, compostable cling wrap, silicone and PEVA reusable food storage bags, and washable bowl covers. Carry your groceries in functional yet stylish cotton produce bags and French market bags. Reseal food packages with fun donut-shaped wooden bag clips. Top your food storage jars with our chic bamboo mason jar lids for a pleasing pantry! And sip your drinks with stainless steel straws instead of single-use plastic ones that aren't recyclable and end up in the trash.

Scrub-a-dub-dub to your heart's content with our high quality wood and natural bristle brushes - dishwashing, scrub brushes, and toilet brushes. We even have brushes for your dog and cat! At the end of their lives (in many years), they can be composted.

Clean your clothes as naturally as possible with our laundry options. Vegan, cruelty-free and never tested on animals, our specially-selected laundry products get the job done - deep cleaning and stain removal with long-lasting freshness, bold and bright colors, and a sense of pride! Ditch chemically treated dryer sheets and instead, naturally soften and fluff laundry while saving energy by tumbling in the dryer with our adorable wool dryer balls

Refill your container or ours. In a hurry? We have refills ready "to go"!
Dropps eco-friendly, water-saving, plastic-free, mess-free pods for laundry and dishes
Common Good eco-conscious, essential oil-scented liquid soaps and cleaners

We hope you can come and visit Skaneateles and our beautiful boutique. And if not, watch for our live shopping events for a peek into the boutique experience and shop online any time!


March 2021

We've opened our first brick & mortar location at 3 Fennell Street in the Old Stone Mill in the village of Skaneateles!

Watch our opening day video walk-through HERE

We hope you can come and visit our beautiful boutique. Someone recently described it as, "A Parisian candle salon and Rose Apothecary had a bébé!"

ECO-CHIC CANDLES: small-batch soy candles hand-poured on our homestead in Skaneateles

APOTHECARY: handcrafted bath and body products made at Newton Farms in Alden, NY

HOME COLLECTION: flame-free fragrance and low-waste, sustainable kitchen, bath, & home items